Patti Eischen

MixedMedia provides strategic yet creative copywriting services for small- to  medium-sized businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Strategic marketing communication is problem solving at its finest–it is telling the story of your company or organization to your important audiences. This is what MixedMedia does best.  No client has ever said, “My business is just fine. I don’t want to sell any more fill-in-the-blank here.” Usually, clients have a problem or a situation that needs to be solved. And communication is the key.

That’s where MixedMedia’s services comes in. With an entire career in the marketing communications business, a breadth of  experience is what Mixed Media brings to the table:  from strategy development, to communication tactics, integrated communication which combines both new and traditional media .  What keeps this business exciting is the willingness to to try something new–that’s a perfect fit for your business’ challenge:   a new strategy, a new tactic, a new partner in promotions. Coming up with a new idea is the easy part….coming up with an idea that is strategically sound that fits your budget and your audience…that’s a thing of beauty.

MixedMedia offers the following:

MixedMedia is here to be your partner in business and we look forward to working with you.

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